CHIKIN (meaning "chicken" in colloquial Japanese) is a modern IZAKAYA serving delectable small plates, yakitori flavoured with Szechuan peppercorn, a delicious range of sake, soju, cocktails, & a whole load of fun.  Guided by the goal of creating good times, CHIKIN is spread over a 3-storey shophouse dressed in Japanese pop art themed murals. Our neon-lit Long Bar is where you can chat with bartenders & chefs, while you catch up with & even make new friends. Above that is our Izakaya Lounge, with plush sofas & wooden benches in a dim-lit setting, just the right mood for dinner with drinks. On the top floor is our Karaoke Attic, where the experience is lifted up a notch to include bringing out your inner performer. 

At CHIKIN, so we say, PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR, oops we mean ROOSTAR! 




And then of course, the alcohol! CHIKIN is well known for our infused cocktails, crafted by award winning bartender Sam Wong, known most affectionately as Ah Sam. 

Sake, Whisky, Gin, are infused with fresh ingredients over days to achieve the optimum flavour for each cocktail. In line with the Japanese + Szechuan theme, CHIKIN's cocktails are mostly inspired by Japanese ingredients such as Shiso leaves & Kyoho grapes, but the list harbours a potent Szechuan Bloody Mary with 5 peppercorn spice levels to offer drinkers a spice challenge! Each of our cocktails is designed to ensure you have a mighty good night.

At CHIKIN, we say, let Ah Sam make you some cocktails, & let our cocktails make you some memories! 

For those who prefer straight up no fuss drinks, we have Asahi Super Dry & Super Dry Black on tap, a strong list of great Sakes, a menu of natural & organic wines, as well as almost every Nikka whisky product on our shelves. 




Leading our kitchen troopers is Head Chef Jeff. Trained in Japanese cuisine but having advanced his career in modern western restaurants (including 1 Michelin Star restaurant Alma by Juan Amador), Chef Jeff returned to his roots at CHIKIN but with a mindset to spice things up a little with Szechuan "mala" sauce. Chef Jeff also presents star dishes such as Unagi Garlic Rice (which has become "must order" for every table), Plentiful Ikura Rice, Japanese Sea Snails in Szechuan Sauce, Chicken Kaarage, & a beauty soup with Chicken Collagen & Onsen. 

Say hi to Chef Jeff behind the open kitchen, we are sure he will give a little wave back.